Nashville Visual Artists-Julia Martin

Julia Martin's gallery in the Wedgewood-Houston area was one of the first galleries I visited when I first moved to Nashville a year ago. It's always been one of my favorite spaces to visit on the monthly Art Crawl. For June's art crawl, Julia will be exhibiting some three-dimensional work, exciting stuff for she normally works two-dimensionally. I got to see her in process and am super excited to see the work when it's finished.

What is the theme of your work?

I wouldn't necessarily say that my work has a theme. The work is very personal and often autobiographical in ways that surprise even me. My biggest goal as an artist is to keep my mind and heart open at all times. Especially during the creative process which in reality never stops. It is a perpetual state of mind. There is never-ending internal dialogue, so you have to keep materials nearby for when the physical urge hits. This is crucial in my thinking, so that an idea or a feeling doesn't become too precious, mashed up or overworked. The work is always strongest when I simply allow things to flow through me. 

What are the goals for your work?

I guess you're asking more about my career goals. I feel like I am right where I need to be. Nashville's Art Scene is blossoming so beautifully right now. I feel very honored to be a part of it. I plan to continue to develop relationships with a few galleries around the country, but my focus is on JMG for the most part as we all navigate through this rapid growth spirt. It is both exciting and terrifying.

What are yout houghts on the Nashville art scene?

Nashville is finally gaining recognition as a destination for visual art and artists. Its a wonderful thing and it truly feels like a united front here in Wedgewood Houston. I feel support and love from all of my neighbors as I hope they do mine. We make each other stronger with every exhibition.

To learn more about Julia Martin's work and her gallery visit