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I am a conceptual portrait photographer. I create portraits of subjects that bring out what makes them unique and is a testament to what they do. This involves getting to know my subject and shooting them in their environment or creating an environment that communicates to the viewer what they do and who they are. I carry out this process whether I do a simple headshot, or a more extensive photo shoot.

I also love shooting events. I love capturing the energy of the event that can be found in that particular location and the interaction of the people.

I lived in Asia for ten years working as a travel photographer and photojournalist. After repatriating to the United States, I lived in New York working as an editorial photographer. I am now based in Nashville but I love leaving town every once in a while for photo assignments!

In addition to being a professional photographer, I am also a digital artist working with imaging and video.

When Iā€™m not shooting, Iā€™m DJing, riding my bike, cooking, or trying to find the nearest beach.

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