Nashville Visual Artists-Adrienne Outlaw

Adrienne Outlaw creates interactive art that allows people from all different demographics to be in situations together that they normally wouldn't be. Read more to learn about her amazing work!

What is the theme of your work?

With the greater goal of creating empathy and community, I often create multi-sensory experiences for people who might not normally meet. For instance I've held workshops all over Nashville for which people have completed small artworks for a larger sculpture; invited 300+ people into the studio to collaboratively work on a large sculpture; organized and hosted a video and sound immersive dinner party; and run games in the park with the idea to introduce disparate people-people who normally would not socialize with each other- to meet and find a common ground. 

What inspires your work?

I see how our society is being affected by rapid transition, namely by losing our sense of community. Therefore, we are losing touch with our neighbors and we don’t seem to know how to get along anymore. I am interested in giving an “art experience” to people, in a non-intimidating way,who normally wouldn’t come across art in their everyday lives.

What is the goal of your work?

To make it accessible to people without compromising the concept of the work.

What are your thoughts on the Nashville Arts Scene?

It’s growing really fast and there is a huge influx of people from much larger art markets that are lending criticality and more diversity to the community here. I am very excited about what is happening. As the city gentrifies, I am concerned that the government is not giving the value to the arts that is needed, like giving live-create-work situations, for example. As the development continues, artists might find it challenging to live and work here as living costs increase. Therefore, its important to let representatives know of artists’ needs and help the city be as hospitable as possible to its artists.

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