Nashville Visual Artists-Kit Kite

I first saw Kit's work in a gallery in the Fort Houston area during an Art Crawl, Nashville's open gallery night that happens once a month. I had just moved here and didn't know too many people so was going around to the galleries on my own. I hadn't yet started this project on documenting visual artists yet, only just thinking about it as I was impressed by the work I was seeing on the art crawl that evening. I loved Kit's work so much, that I approached her and asked her if I could cover her work for this project, whenever it was going to be started. Months later, I am happy to finally feature one of the artists that motivated me to start this project in the first place.

What is the theme of your work?

I'm investigating how changes can change everything inside you, and how you view the world, yet the world around you is still the same.The X Housewife Portraits, for example, is a series that documents more or less my personal process of isolation, displacement within my house and identity within the home -- exploring one's individual’s objectivity to relationship, materiality, and the human longing to connect to a physical landscape. In the photographic series, the concept was relayed using myself as I became immersed in the inanimate household object, where the common domestic tool was depicted as the setting subject and I the backdrop.

What inspires your work?

I've been pouring over all of Winsor McCay's illustrating from 1905-1914. More recently his work has seemed to play a significant role in how I see or think a thing through and I've often found his work to emulate set design or film stills; from the "story boarding" visuals found commonly within graphic novel's genre and his own unique arrangement of composition and color. For the next conceptual series I'm working on titled "Psychosis Smudge" I will be silk screening a majority of the content to relay the concept; in hopes to achieve the effect ink has on newsprint, again liken to Winsor McCay's printed comics. 

What are the goals for your work?

I'd like to gain more exposure and at some point be sustainable from my work so this can create more time to create and not be pressured by financial constraints of holding down a job in order to survive.

What are your thoughts on the Nashville Arts Scene?

It's growing and that's great in itself but I wish there were more constructive criticism. this could help the arts community grow. People want to be supportive, but they'd be more supportive if they helped each other grow by constructive criticism.

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